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TopicBuddy uses AI to accelerate content planning, creation, and optimization. We are a team of content and AI veterans using machine learning to enable our clients to gain authority in their topical domain. We generate all relevant keywords, questions and ideas related to your core keywords just within seconds.

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Our AI and machine learning technology helps you create the most relevant, authoritative, and helpful content on any topic. It's the kind of content search engines love! Stop relying on guesswork and start making smart data-driven decisions. TopicBuddy saves you hours of keyword research, reduces the cost of paid search, and builds thought leadership in your industry.

Identify the highest business value keywords.

Topic Buddy helps you pick relevant keywords that match the search intent. Therefore, you will have a higher chance to outrank other competitors on Google. It also explores what questions your potential audience often ask on Google and include them into your content. This will increase your chance of improving your Google ranking and getting read by your potential audience.

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Publishing content on a regular basis can be very expensive

The 52-Week Content Plan allows you to save up-to 55% on your content production costs

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Managing SEO experts and writers takes tremendous time and effort

With the 52-Week Content Plan, you don't have to coordinate SEO and writers

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Competitor study & SEO-based Buyer's Journey allow you to convert more

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